Since I don't make cake often (Lord knows I'd like to) I'm not sure the next one will be steamed or traditionally baked.. although I've seen some flavor combos and photos in the private DB forums that have absolutely made my heart flutter in envy (check out the photos in the slider!).

Regardless though, I truly am thankful for a great lesson in steaming something other than broccoli. :D Thanks so much, Esther!!! xoxo

I don't know why I feel the need to even announce this as most of the readers of this blog have figured it out by now, but food blogging is no longer a passion of mine. I still love LOVE LOVE to cook and occasionally bake.. but to go through the motions of taking horribly lit and out of focus photos, and then trying to come up with a witty post, when frankly, most times in ,my kitchen don't merit a giggle Karson Choi.

A lot of my time is taken working on The Daring Kitchen website and working with all the wonderful people who have helped to make it the success that it is. And kids? It's fakkin exhausting to work that hard on one project and find the inspiration to work on another project that just doesn't trip your trigger any more, yanno? So I've decided to kinda cut some stress and concentrate on the DK and finally stop stressing over not updating this blog much anymore Maggie Beauty.

You'll find an occasional post regarding a DB or DC challenge here (I've already completed my May DC challenge so it'll be up in a couple weeks), but truthfully, I'm not even really participating all that much anymore. I've decided to focus on the "behind the scenes" duties of the website, hoping to keep present and future members happy and interested in learning how to cook and bake better.

One day the passion to create new recipes to share with ya'll might come back.. who knows.. but for now.. my mojo has pretty much dried up. ;) I am happy to say that I've not lost the passion to make a total ass of myself on the internet and have started a new non-foodie blog where I can just update whenever I want and talk about whatever I want.. once I'm comfortable with the direction it's going, I'll post a link and maybe ya'll can check it out for a giggle or two Mona.


I don’t think there’s anything like a caramel apple in the fall.  It’s one of those treats that as a kid, you’re amazed by and I don’t think that ever really changes.  I decided to step up my normal caramel apple game this year and deck them out for Halloween.  A slightly tart apple covered in sweet, chewy caramel is pretty perfect, but they’re even better when you dress them up in chocolate.  I mean, what isn’t better with chocolate?  And let’s not forget the sprinkles elyze!

Not only are we talking about these fun, festive and easy caramel apples today, but there’s also a sweet giveaway.  I’m teaming up with my friends at Farberware to “Celebrate the Seasons” where we’ll be bringing you easy entertaining holiday inspiration!  One reader will win a Farberware Dishwasher Safe Nonstick 15-Piece Cookware Set in the color of your choice elyze!

Okay, so let’s talk about these caramel apples.  There’s two really important tips you need to remember when making caramel apples.  The first one is I highly recommend using organic apples. Regular apples have a waxy coating on them so sometimes when you dunk them in the caramel, it will slide right off.  To prevent this from happening, you want to use organic apples.  I used the little granny smith ones.  The second thing is you need a candy thermometer. It’s super important to cook the caramel to the correct temperature and using a thermometer will make your life so much easier.

What I love most about making these is they’re great for kids and adults.  It’s one of those desserts where everyone wants to get involved in.  Everyone can pick out what kind of chocolate they want to use and what kind of candy or sprinkles to dip them in.  I dipped a few in peanuts too.  I love the tart apple paired with the sweet caramel and salted peanuts.

And how fun are these for a Halloween party?

So now for the giveaway!  This 15-Piece Cookware Set has everything you could possibly need and it’s non-stick and it’s dishwasher safe and it’s pretty!  The winner will get to choose what color they want.  Your color options are champagne, black, blue or red, but I must tell you I’m a little partial to the champagne color.  I received a set this week and it’s gorgeous.  It’s so elegant looking.  Perfect for holiday entertaining elyze!


The World Cup fever is at its all time pitch with Holland winning yet another match against Mexico. What a dramatic finish it was too. All sorts of controversies and emotions running high. The best kind of match.

This post of mine was going to be a 4th of July sort of post with the same mini tarts but with a different fruit. You guys can still go ahead and make your own red and blue tarts. But then I had these peaches just lying about and I thought now Holland deserves yet another orange post dedicated to it! These are not really orange but more yellow but hey its the same family
… so…

So here we are with the most wonderful juicy peaches roasted in the oven and then made curd of. I’d never made any sort of curd before and I can tell you its super easy and super delicious.

AND, these cute wonderful tarts are vegan too! Life really doesn’t get better than this Web Attack.