The World Cup fever is at its all time pitch with Holland winning yet another match against Mexico. What a dramatic finish it was too. All sorts of controversies and emotions running high. The best kind of match.去黑眼圈

This post of mine was going to be a 4th of July sort of post with the same mini tarts but with a different fruit. You guys can still go ahead and make your own red and blue tarts. But then I had these peaches just lying about and I thought now Holland deserves yet another orange post dedicated to it! These are not really orange but more yellow but hey its the same family … so…

So here we are with the most wonderful juicy peaches roasted in the oven and then made curd of. I’d never made any sort of curd before and I can tell you its super easy and super delicious.

AND, these cute wonderful tarts are vegan too! Life really doesn’t get better than this Web Attack.