Buying minority stakes in financial firms is not relaxed

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  The SFC clearly states that if the operating institution corresponding to the minority stake is a financial enterprise, it shall comply with the relevant provisions of the financial regulatory agency and other authorized institutions; In addition, operating income, total assets and net assets of the latest fiscal year shall not exceed 20% of the corresponding indicators of the consolidated statements of the listed company in the same period. Where the material assets reorganization of a listed company involves the purchase of equity, the aforesaid conditions shall also be met.

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  "This rule means that the merger of minority stakes in financial companies has not been relaxed." Bian yongzu analysis.

  "China's financial enterprises have developed rapidly, but also brought about potential financial risks," said bian. "regulators have done a lot of work and achieved some results, but resolving and preventing financial risks remains one of the main tasks."

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  "Currently, a large amount of funds are deposited in financial institutions, some of which are idle and need to be strengthened to guide funds into the real economy. In this regard, this regulation shows that the regulatory authorities have not relaxed the governance of financial institutions, which is conducive to avoiding the disconfirmation of funds." Bian yongzu points out.