Chicken Wontons in Chili Broth…Wontons are an important part of the Chinese Cuisine. Stuffed with toothsome filling of spices, Wontons are first steamed and then boiled in a broth or a soup and served along with it. are really easy to prepare and serve. I tried a variation of Chicken Wontons in Chilli Broth the other day. I used minced chicken, onions, garlic, spring onion greens and mushroom- the usual veggies used for Chinese cuisine for the filling which complemented the Chinese sauces very well. I steamed the Wontons with the help of a steamer so that they remain succulent and palatable. For the broth, I experimented with Chili Oil, Chicken Stock and Oyster Sauce and the result was nothing but amazing. I fell in love with its mildly sweet and spicy flavor. In case you wish to try a vegetarian version of this dish then you could use the veggies that I have suggested and still make the dish equally tastier. And you could any day try out my vegetarian Chinese recipe such as Vegetable Spring Roll for snacks or as an appetizer. The best part is that you can also serve these Wontons along with Shezwan Fried Rice and Hakka Noodles, and your meal for the day would certainly taste yummier.

  So, instead of going to a lavish restaurant for a Chinese meal, I recommend that you at least once try out these easy to make Chinese dishes at home and savor them with joy. For today, surprise your family or that special someone with Chicken Wontons in Chili Broth and they would surely end up loving you more. These Wontons are even perfect for those quick parties or special occasions: now you know what to plan for the next party, right? Now, quickly read and share the recipe for the same with your friends.