of zhongsha in gongbu jiangda, there lives a kind of animal as precious as the giant panda -- Tibetan macaques. To protect the monkeys, tibetans made the decision to move away, leaving the clouds and the land to these lovely lives. "It is said that the avalokitesvara bodhisattva of mount putuo, after giving precepts to a macaque transformed from a deity, ordered him to go to the snow plateau of Tibet from the south China sea.

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  The macaques came to the cave in the valley of the yalung to cultivate the bodhi spirit of compassion. The macaque replied, "I am an apprentice to a bodhisattva named guanyin. If I marry you, I will break my rule. The woman said, "if you don't marry me, I'll have to kill myself.

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  Because I was destined to be a devil in the past, you and I can't be a loving couple, in the future I will be the devil's wife, and gave birth to numerous sons and grandsons. At that time, the snow plateau will become the world of the devil, thousands of lives will be damaged. So, I hope you agree to my request."

  Couples with female demons will break the ring, if not with the devil will cause great evil. The conflicted macaques return to mount putuo for a visit to avalokitesvara bodhisattva. "This is the meaning of heaven and a sign of good fortune," said guanyin. It is a great favor for you to marry her and reproduce on the snowy plateau. As a bodhisattva, one should be brave and good, and quickly make a couple with female demons. After forming a mate with the witch, the macaques gave birth to six baby monkeys.

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  Three years later, when the macaques visited their children, they found they had grown to 500, and the forest was about to run out of fruit and their lives were miserable. The old macaques returned to mount putuo for help from avalokitesvara bodhisattva and, at the behest of the holy one, they took the seeds of the five cereals from mount sumeru and sowed them to the earth, where they grew all kinds of grain without farming.

  The monkeys got enough food, and their tails got shorter, and they were able to talk. Therefore, just because the tibetans have more respect for all things than us, they can maintain a better natural environment and have so many miracles.